Sustainable Projects

Our first phase is to build relationships with communities through local initiatives. We believe that projects that improve the quality of life not only bring much needed assistance to a community, but create friendship and trust with the community. When trust is established, we are able to overcome cultural challenges and effectively implement children’s empowerment programs.

Some Of Our Projects

Homes for Orphans

Our first project was to build the Gateway House and the Upendo House for children in Tabora, Tanzania. Through the fundraising of a school in Canada, and a foundation in Sweden, we built beautiful facilities that provide housing for orphans. Moses Ndago, Director of Children’s Care in Tanzania, currently runs these homes with the assistance of house matrons who provide care for the children on a daily basis.

Water Wells

Water is the most basic necessity for any human. Since we have extensive work among orphaned children in Inala and Ifucha, our first project in those villages with about 6,000 people was to provide water. A 12 year old named Adam spent three years raising funds for a well in Inala. He also participated in the official opening of the well.

Lupembe & Malagosi Water Projects

Malagosi is a village of 3,500 people in the Iringa District of Tanzania. Ron Sidon and Bob and Helen Nation spearheaded this project that provides fresh running water to the remote village of Malagosi. For the first time ever, this village now has access to fresh running water, providing not only drinking water to the entire village, but water to help with agriculture and community development. A new project called Lupembe, which is short for Lupembelwasenga Village, is now underway to serve 7000 villagers with access to clean, safe water.

Dream Center

The Dream Center project is our largest yet, and will serve more than a thousand children in the Tabora region of Tanzania. As a hub for children, the Dream Center will provide orphans with the opportunity to experience transformation. It will offer children tools and skills, enabling them to break through personal, cultural and societal limitations. Through the creativity and learning programs at the Dream Center, orphans will begin to see themselves as loved and successful, and therefore possessing the ability to live their dream. 

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