Empower Africa’s Children

Create a Better World

Africa’s future is in the hands of its children. Juma’s World exists to empower Africa’s children to break through their limitations and unleash the power of love, so that they too can create a better world.


Our Story

The Unjust World

  • 48.5% of the almost one billion people in sub-Saharan Africa live on less than $1.25 per day. Children, and especially orphans, are the most vulnerable in extreme poverty.
  • Lack of fresh, clean water in Africa results in over 500 million people in Africa suffering from water-borne diseases.
  • More than one million people, mostly children under the age of five, die every year from malaria.
  • Fewer than 20 percent of African women have access to education. Uneducated African women are twice as likely to contract AIDS and 50 percent less likely to immunize their children.


We Build, Transform and Create...

Phase 2

Transform the wellbeing of children and youth in these communities

Phase 3

Create success opportunities for youth in our transformational programs

We Need You

Please say yes to empower Africa's children to create a better world. You build, transform and create with your time, talent and money.

You Will Benefit Too

Your involvement will not only benefit children in Africa, but what you make happen for them makes your world better too.

  • Sarah, Registered Nurse

    This summer I signed up for a volunteer trip to Tanzania. The greatest part is that anyone can go! If you have a beating heart there is a place for you on a volunteer trip. They take care of everything…they support and guide you, and you show up for a transforming experience. It was a perfect fit for me and I cannot wait to do it all over again.

  • Jenna, Waitress

    On my first trip with Juma’s World, I met a young teenage mother and her daughter. We didn’t share the same language but we managed to communicate and connect on a deep level. As a result of our visit and the connection we shared, our family is now sponsoring the two girls. Because of Juma’s World my life has been turned upside down, in such a good way.

  • Paul, Business Owner

    When my son and I visited Africa with Juma’s World we knew this could be a life changing experience for both us. We were not disappointed. As we interacted with villagers and sponsored children, I was amazed to find how much our interactions meant to the community. I will never forget this. It was as if a part of me that was dead came back to life.

  • Margaret, Semi-Retired

    I traveled with a team to Tanzania to build a home with Juma’s World. I can’t express enough how fulfilling it was to know that a family (9 children whose parents had died) would soon be blessed in a fully furnished home with bedrooms, a kitchen and running water. Their joyful, thankful faces were the greatest reward I could ask for.

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