Generational Transformation

We create educational and employment opportunities for youth who have finished our transformational children’s programs. Youth between the ages of 18 and 21 that have been mentored and sponsored through our childcare programs are encouraged to pursue a passion or a trade that interests them. Each student is offered the opportunity to apply for post-secondary educational financial aid, or financial assistance for a new start-up business through a microloan. As part of the program, each applicant is required to take a financial management course with Juma’s World before funds are made available. Donors, who continue their monthly child sponsorship, make these programs possible.

Education Assistance

Once a child has completed high school, we offer qualified students financial assistance to continue their education in their area of interest. Financial aid for post-secondary students is only offered to children that have already gone through programs in phase 2.

Business Microloans

The Juma’s World Microloans Program empowers young people to succeed after graduation. The program begins by teaching sound financial management, and then offers youth that qualify an opportunity to create sustainable income in a trade or business. Upon approval of a microloan with suitable repayment terms, the new entrepreneur gains access to funds for use toward approved business expenses, including equipment purchases. Once the microloan is paid back, the funds are placed in a pool for support of new applicants.

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