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You can experience all the fun and adventure of Africa. You can make a difference in the lives of orphans who have lost their parents because of AIDS. Get information below, and watch this short video from a recent trip.

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Sarah’s Story

Life changing! Today was a day I will never forget and I pray it will always have an affect on me. Today we went EVERYWHERE. Our first stop was to a school where we would see the classrooms, thank the teachers, and give out soccer balls. I was excited to finally be in Africa doing what I came to do, but NOTHING could have prepared me for what was ahead.

As the cars drove into the school yard, and we got out of the vehicles, children started running to the windows of their classrooms and started yelling and saying “jambo” (which means hello). I will NEVER forget that sound, it was unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. The only way I can think to describe it is the sounds you hear at a concert when the artist first comes out on stage. The major difference is that I am not a celebrity and these children have never met me before and yet they were so excited to see us. I felt so unworthy and humbled and yet overcome with love from these children’s smiling faces. I immediately started to cry. How could children who live in a third world country be so overcome with joy at just seeing my face? I had come to Africa to bring hope, joy and love to these children and there I was standing, overcome with love, joy and hope that THEY were giving to ME!

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What your adventure will look like…

This is a sample of one of our regular trips. Certain changes may apply. Each trip is uniquely designed with the team in mind, and will be determined based on a number of factors including the size of the group.


Day 1:
Depart for Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Day 2:
Arrive in Dar. Overnight in a comfortable center. Explore the largest city in Tanzania.

Day 3:
Travel to central Tanzania. Experience rural Africa.

Day 4:
Visit primary schools. Lead activities with school children.

Days 5-7:
Village life – participate in the daily lives of villagers. Overnight in mud huts. Spend time with Tanzanian locals.

Days 8-11:
Empower. Creatively participate within schools and villages, visit the children of Juma’s World and work on SaveAfricaNow construction projects.


Days 12-14:
An overnight Serengeti Safari or Zanzibar Island experience is optional. Return home.

Optional Activities

Additional costs may apply.

Overnight Serengeti Safari:
Experience the most famous wildlife park in Africa from the open top of a Land Cruiser. View the Big Five, often times from only meters away. Overnight in Mwanza. (2 days, 1 night)

Explore Historic Zanzibar:
A hub of historical significance, Zanzibar features breathtaking beaches, historical landmarks, spice tours and markets. (2 days, 1 night)

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Cost Breakdown

How Much? All program fees are 100% tax-deductible for US & Canadian residents, and many people successfully fundraise to cover the costs of the trip. US & Canadian residents should speak with a tax advisor to learn how the cost of international airfare can be tax-deductible. A donation deposit of only $145 per person is required to reserve your space today. This non-refundable donation deposit will be applied to your program donation.

Program Donation: US $1695

How your program donation is used...


Planning Your Trip

Follow these steps in planning your volunteer trip today!

1. Register

Juma’s World offers numerous volunteer trips to Tanzania, Africa. To register, please send us some information along with a donation deposit of $145 (The remaining amount is due 30 days prior to departure). Click on a date below to begin your trip registration.

2. Fund Your Trip

Regular cost: US $1695
We are currently offering a special EARLY BIRD rate of US $1395! For a full program donation breakdown click here.


To make a program donation towards an upcoming trip, click below:

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3. Invite Your Friends

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