Lupembe Project


How Lupembe Water Project Works…

  • Water will be collected at a small dam with settling tanks at a proven, continuous clean water source on a plateau above the village.
  • A large storage tank will be built 12km downhill from the source. It will be fed from the source by large diameter HDPE piping. Trenches for the piping are dug by local residents as part of their contribution to the project.
  • 17km of piping will distribute water from the tank to 12 easily accessible tap outlets.
  • Tap outlets will allow approximately 7,000 rural residents and a primary school access to the safe clean water, for the first time in their lives.

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The work will be based on the very successful project in the nearby village of Malagosi in 2014-2016, a project managed by Juma’s World. The photos here show stages of the work in Malagosi. Watch this video to see villagers celebrating the Malagosi Water Project (now completed) which gave access to fresh, clean water for 3,000 rural residents including a school, in the Iringa district of Tanzania.

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Billing Information

To give your donation via mail, please make checks payable to Juma’s World and include “Lupembe Water Project” in the memo.

USA: P.O. Box 27857, San Diego, CA 92198

Canada: P.O. Box 33, Black Creek, BC V9J 1K8

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