Africa Sing Me Your Song

After hearing about several AIDS awareness campaigns, a young mother journeys to Africa on an adventure to find out what the situation really is. She discovers countless compelling life stories, and learns more about her self and concludes that she too can help make a difference and save Africa’s children… now.

Featuring spectacular cinematography by Daniel Kooman and an inspiring narration by Melissa Hyson, Africa Sing Me Your Song is a profound film documentary that is powerfully moving.

The Story (Recut)

A team of nine from the United States and Canada band together on a journey of hope and adventure to Africa. Arriving in Dar es Salaam, they begin as privileged vacationers on Safari in the Serengeti. After exploring the beauty and charm of Africa, including an encounter with the famous Maasai tribe, the team travels on a day’s journey into the heart of Africa, where they seek to make a difference among AIDS orphans and the Inala village in Tanzania. Dealing with their own preconceived ideas, prejudices and past hurts, they find courage and personal transformation in the most unexpected people and places. Eating strange food, living in small huts and helping the indigenous village, they discover that their journey is much more than an exercise in volunteerism. It’s a journey of discovering who they really are.